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Poetry Book

My brother was born different than the others therefore it hasn’t been the easiest to understand his way of thinking. It came as a big surprise when he asked me to design his poerty book for him.

This book gave me a different perspective on him. We grew up in the same family, the same place but I always felt so different from him, and due to way he is, it was difficult to communicate with him. Reading his poetry showed his worldview to me. His openness to share his intimate thoughts was astonishing. I could see the very same love for the nature, sentimentality for the home we both grew up in, longing for people and closeness. I never had heard him express such things.

Designing such an personal book for my brother was a intimidating. Choosing visuals that epxress the feelings and ideas how somebody approaches the world in a way that is difficult to comprehend, while so close to my own heart, was a challange.

In the end I chose 3D as the tools for making the illustrations. On the one hand 3D can seem like something realistic, something taken out of the real world but on the other hand it gives a vision of the world that is quite different from the usual. It doesn’t have the normal world’s limitations.

The main themes of his poetry is nature and relationships so I tried to depict those emotions and places based on our shared life.

I think it’s important for an artist to cover topics that are authentic to them, topics that they form a connection, and therfore have something to say about it.  At the same time having to have connection doesn’t come as a limitation. One can learn and experience a lot in life and through that expand topics they can cover thoroughly.

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