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Animation experiments

I find animation really fascinating. It combines elements of time with visuals and audio. In school I was taught about the basics of animation but I felt that there is so much more potential in this. There are almost endless possibilities to combine different techniques and through that many ways to tackle topics. Giving visuals another dimension, time, changes the way we experience them. Some sort of finity, a context that exists temporarily. Therefore I like to experiment with animation and find new ways to put these tools into the best use.

The last few months I have been employed as a motion designer working on commercial videos. Although it’s not my passion it’s still interesting  to work on animation in more mundane context. Working with clients has taught me how people understand motion and what kind of information it can give them. What works as a tool of communication, what evokes emotions, and what is making information harder to comprehend. These things are important to know because art and science are also tools of communication. Having a great idea is not enough if it’s not understandable. Good understanding of visuals makes it easier to reach a wider audience through art or science.

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