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Glove Book

A book design I made for “The Glove”, book by Hungarian author Varga Katalin. These illustrations were made when the COVID-19 pandemic was getting more serious and self protection equipment became more relevant. The book title “The Glove” seemed reletable and the story itself felt rather contemporary too. Creatures huddling together in abandoned glove, working from home and only interacting with their roommates.

Therefore I used this opportunity to interpret this book through a contemporary lense without changing the story. I used modern type and layout, bold colours and experimental illustration to put the story in the context of today.

It’s interesting how a children’s book written a while ago can change its meaning and feeling  drastically due to the context that it is in. When interacting with art it’s important to keep in mind in what context it was made in. How is it going to be seen in 10 years, 100 years?

COVID-19 changed many ways how we interact with each other and how we value things. Staying indoors, distant jobs, using masks and gloves, has become everyday life for us. Back when this book was written, this had no relevance. It was written in a different context. Now that the times have changed the book can be seen something rather contemporary without the author intending it to be like this.

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